This woman is tweeting all the gory details of her period directly at Donald Trump

GOP presidential frontrunner Donald Trump has spent the past week throwing around the phrase “woman’s card” in his attacks against Democratic frontrunner Hillary Clinton, and it’sshockerpissing some women off.

At a Tuesday primary victory speech, Trump claimed that if Clinton were a man, she wouldn’t even get 5 percent of the vote. He continued: “The only thing she’s got going is the woman’s card, and the beautiful thing iswomen don’t like her.”


In the hours since Trump’s notorious woman’s card speech, Clinton has responded with her own snappy tagline (“deal me in“), the Internet has exploded with #womancard memes, and one industrious Twitter user has bombarded Donald Trump with the sopping wet, clotted, gloriously gross details of her menstrual period.

Why? 24-year-old Los Angeles resident Lindsey Toiaivaoknown as @heysoulclassicz on Twittertold the Daily Dot that as she cramped and bled on Wednesday, she thought “it mightbe funny to share this experience with the one person who would find it the most disgusting and infuriating.”

“Honestly, when I woke up yesterday I hadn’t thought to shareanythingwith Donald Trump,” said Toiaivao. “Givenhis casual and virulent misogyny over the course of the campaignand hisrecent comments about Hillary pulling ‘the woman card,’ I thought this might also be a valuable educational experience for him.”

In her first of many tweets, Toiaivao chided Trump with, “You can’t just whine about the woman card and expect not to hear the gory details about a stranger’s loose uterine lining,” then launched into the most epic period-themed Twitter thread of all time.

We haven’t reposted every single tweet here, just a few highlights. Each tweet in the thread must be read and savoredcared for like each precious unfertilized egg that causes a uterine lining to shed in thick, shiny chunks.

Toiaivao said that she had never thought to refer to her period as a “woman card,” but the experience has inspired her to christen her menstrual time with a new moniker.

“Imay startcallingit my Trump cardbecause when I have it I become irascible and hateful,and unmentionable things start spewing from my wherever,” said Toiaivao.

As for Trump’s reaction to the onslaught of intimate details, we may never know. He hasn’t responded.

“Likely, somemisogynistic social media intern at the Trump campaignhas browsed those tweets and cringed,” she said. “And the thought of that eases my cramps considerably.”

Photo via Dvortygirl/Wikimedia Commons (CC-BY-SA)

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